Clermont Meridian Trading to Rollout AI-Powered Workflow Management Software

Clermont Meridian Trading has today revealed it will roll out innovative artificial intelligence-powered workflow management software to aid its brokers in their work with clients.

The new software will serve as one destination for all of the company’s broker’s planning and implementation of tasks. In addition, the system comprises an AI-powered recommendation engine for investment and wealth management ideas that brokers can present to their clients.

“Historically, we have maintained strong relationships with our clients through the traditional channels, our new software will enhance our client relationships even further by automatically prompting our brokers to contact their clients, monitor assets that a client holds in order to make more accurate financial plans, and propose securities to offer them,” said Matthew Bird, Institutional Director of Equities at Clermont Meridian Trading.

The new software launch is part of a broader technology strategy at Clermont Meridian Trading, where the company is using technology to differentiate its business from other major wealth management companies.

“There are far too many clients and investing options for our brokers to keep track of everything. Our new software will streamline everything by assisting with planning and offering our brokers real-time investment insights. We believe this will deliver us another added advantage over our competitors,” said Andrew Wakefield, Head of Corporate Derivatives at Clermont Meridian Trading.

The features and functions of the software are important, but the rollout is just as vital for its success. Clermont Meridian Trading is being cautious and observant in the rollout process. The development of the system is approaching completion, it is currently being tested, and the initial rollout is anticipated to take place in November.

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